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Are you making the most of your eyes?

You can make a dramatic difference to the overall look, by having your lashes or brows tinted and professionally shaped. All different kinds of eyelash extensions form a huge part of our business now and the effect can be dynamic in no time at all. Call in or speak to one of our Beauticians about all the options available to you! You'll love the ease and look of the eyelashes that you have always dreamed of, as well as enjoying the admiring glances and compliments that you will receive. Shaping Eyebrows is a simple thing that can bring about big changes to a person's overall look. Short of plastic surgery, eyebrow shaping can do more to improve someone's appearance than most other beauty treatments. Whether you are young or old, high or low maintenance, taking the time to properly shape your eyebrows is well worth the effort.

Perfect for a wedding or special occasion. The procedure is low maintenance and highly addictive - check it out!


Ask our beautician for details.

Eyelash tint
Eyebrow tint
False lashes

(All tinting requires a patch test 24hrs before treatment for new clients)

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