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Colouring Techniques

form the largest part of our business. Our staff work closely with top names in the industry to ensure that we are fully aware of whats "hot" and whats not on the capitals catwalks.

We see an amazing amount of clients who call in the salon by virtue of the fact that  for some reason they decided to "create" a colour at home and now need our help to put it right, leave it to the professionals.

Whether it is permanent colour, semi permanent colour, highlights, lowlights etc. we will have something to suit your individual needs which can be established through a one to one personal consultation – without obligation. Sometimes clients want some colour technique that they just can't have for all sorts of reasons, if this is the case, we will educate you and explain why, we dont like refusing business but we always have your best interest at heart.

We now have an amazing range of "Amonnia" free colourants that are so gentle on the hair and scalp. 

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