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Celebrating over 30 years in the industry, Hair Razors is one of the leading Hairdressing groups in the North West of England.
We believe that the recipe for our outstanding success is consistency in everything that we do. An extensive hairdressing and beauty service is available within the salon group which is enjoyed by a loyal clientele drawn from throughout greater Manchester. The vibrant, welcoming ambience at each of the 3 salons mirrors perfectly the professionalism of our "30 plus" strong team and our company's emphasis on staff training ensures that you won't be disappointed. Endorsing the finest in healthy homecare maintenance, our salons offer a wide range of products catering for the more discerning client with realistic prices in mind.

Our in house training academy ensures consistency at all levels of hairdressing with a special emphasis on client care – up to NVQ level III.

Fresh refreshments, flexible openings and a level pricing structure throughout the salon group accommodate clients from all walks of life. Always sourcing new and exciting techniques, we are highly regarded as offering the latest innovations that help maintain your hair and body in premium condition – resulting in a hair & beauty regime where you look great!!!

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