Below is a small sample of our work but take into consideration that this section is constantly under development. Almost daily we create fabulous cuts and styles but unfortunately there's not always someone there to take the picture and some clients just don't like being photographed, which is understandable.

With that said, below you will see a variation of styles, cuts, and services available here at Hair Razors Salon Group. Simply click on a category below to view the portfolio for each respected service. 

We're not able to photograph every haircut or style, so if you don't see what you're looking for then just ask or bring one with you, this is very helpful. Also you will see that this section will grow and develop as the weeks go by so watch this space!

Please select one of the categories below to see the selection of styles & images....

Colour (41)

Colouring is a complex and demanding section of our industry. Requiring flair and ability, there are lots of different techniques available and there forever evolving and changing, and this is really an area that should be left to the professionals, avoid home colours! It pains me to say that a huge section of our colour business is correcting home colours.

Styles (18)

These are just afew examples of the many styles available and this section is frequently updated and in its infancy at the moment so keep watching!

Hair Extensions

Hair Extensions fall into many categories and hence the price and quality can vary drastically. What you need to decide is what you want to achieve and what you want to spend. As you will see, it can be very technical and time consuming to do properly and requires a great deal of skill. However the results can be dramatic which makes it money well spent. It's almost impossible to quote accurately on hair extensions without actually seeing the client. The two main decisions you have to make is, what kind of hair do I want i.e. 100% human hair or synthetic and how do you want them fitting, these processes vary intensely and ultimately so does the cost. Just remember the old adage "you get what you pay for" and this comment probably applies to this concept more than any other aspect of hairdressing.

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